Nate Atwater: Image Pro

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Amanda Beattie: Image Pro

Day to day I encounter some pretty interesting situations dealing with stagers filling juice glasses with flat orange soda to give a pop of color to an otherwise dull kitchen, homeowners with hoarding issues, folding towels to properly disguise an ugly toilet in a hotel and hanging off a balcony just to get the right shot of a backyard. My job is anything but dull, and I love it all!

Amanda was raised in New York City and moved to Boston in 1997 to study Photography and Marketing at Salem State College. After graduating Summa Cum Laude, she moved to Santa Barbara CA to attend graduate studies in Architectural Photography at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography.

Her most recent experiences have included an eclectic range of adventures from teaching Accident Reconstruction Detectives how to photograph crime scenes, being a featured artist in the Boston Globe, having published photographs in “Exhibition of Native American” and “Yankee India”, to traveling to Hawaii to the Bishop Museum with her photography show.

Amanda is currently completing her Masters in Photography Education. Riding motorcycles and flying helicopters appeal to her adventurous side. In her spare time she enjoys painting and getting lost on road trips with her husband and dog.

Bianca Broxton: Office Manager

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Kyle Carrier: Image Pro

"I am always amazed with the volume of shoots from working with Boston Virtual Imaging. Everyday is an adventure, where I can continue to push myself as a local architectural photographer and expand my mental map of greater Boston."

Kyle was raised in Burlington, Vermont and now currently lives in Boston where he earned a BFA in Photography at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2012. After graduating with the departmental award, he has output his photographic energy towards freelance work and personal fine art projects within the local arts community. In addition, Kyle has also taught after school Photography and New Media classes for the Institute of Contemporary Art’s nationally recognized Teen Art’s Programs. When he’s away from the camera, he enjoys spending time in his garden, fly fishing, long runs, and cooking delicious meals for friends and family.

Alexandria Pierre - Etienne: Image Pro

Alexandria was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec Canada and moved to Boston to earn her bachelors in Composition & Production at Berklee College of Music. During her musical studies and touring with a band, she also freelanced in photography and worked as an assistant video producer. This gave her the great opportunity to work with many artists and event promoters. Her love for music and visual arts left no choice for the two mediums to merge.

She enjoys composing music for videos, and tailoring audio designs for marketing projects.

Kimberly Hallen: Image Pro

Clients know that BVI's senior photographer Kimberly Hallen certainly has an eye for photography, and judging from the dedication and passion she brings to her craft, she also has the heart.

Kimberly prides herself on her creative approach to real-estate photography as she strives to reveal the emotion present in every home, ensuring that every picture has maximum impact. Kimberly honed her skills by capturing images all over the world, a combination of her two loves: photography and travel. A product of Emerson College's prestigious School of Visual Arts, Photography became Kimberly's calling. She jokes that one day her pictures will be worth as much as the real estate she shoots.

Scott McColl: Image Pro

This job is very enjoyable to me because of the variety of homes I get to see everyday. I was born in Boston and I really appreciate getting to know the personalities of all the different neighborhoods in the Boston area.

Matt Murphy: Founder & President

Matt is the actively involved owner of the company and creative director. He spends his time helping our team be the best at what we do.

In addition to his photography and film production background, he is an expert LAMP developer and manages the custom applications which deliver our content to thousands of distribution points across the web. Matt also provides custom software consulting services to other companies. In his free time, Matt can be found writing code for web applications, tinkering with open source hardware, flying model aircraft, jogging and biking. He is the lead organizer of Boston PHP, one of Boston's most active tech communities.

He enjoys welding, building things, taking things apart, things with motors, things that float and things that fly. When he’s not playing with technology he enjoys adventures with his wife and three sons.