BVI’s Photoshop Tool of the Day: Color Replacement Tool

In today’s blog post we’ll be learning how to use the color replacement tool to make grass green. Sometimes in exterior photos you’ll have very patchy brown landscaping ruining an otherwise great shot. Using the color replace tool, an alternate tool from the brush tool, you can select the color you’d like to use and quickly paint it over just the color you want removed.

The color replacement tool is located in the drop down menu after clicking and holding on the brush tool.

Here is a segment of the grass before we’ve done any editing. See the patch of brown dirt on the left? We want that replaced with a green hue.

By holding alt option with the color replacement tool selected you are able to grab the color you’d like to use from the current image. This looks better than creating your own shade of green that may not be present in the image.

Now that we have our desired color selected all we have to do is take the color replacement tool and click on some of the dirt on the left. When you click make sure the crosshair in the middle of the brush is over the color you’d like replaced. The tool ends up replacing all of the color under the crosshair that is inside the radius of the brush. This is why it helps to have a large brush. Once you have clicked on the color you’d like to replace you can just hold and drag the brush all over the image. While you have button held down, anywhere the brush goes the crosshair selected color will be replaced by the eyedropper color.

When you look closely at the finished image the green dirt looks a little odd. But at web resolution the effect fools the eye and gives a better impression of the house.