Lens Flare is the scattering of light inside a lens that creates odd circles of colored light in your image.


This effect is popular in movies but is mostly just distracting in marketing media. We will try to angle our exterior shots so the sun isn’t creating a problem. But sometimes the best positioning requires the sun to be inside the frame. We have a simple trick to deal with this problem.

We take an addition shot where our finger is blocking the sun. This eliminates the lens flare and just leaves us with editing out the finger. This can be done using a simple layer mask.

I was able to use another trick in this example to eliminate lens flare. I positioned the camera so a tree branch was blocking most of the sun. This eliminated the lens flare completely for me, but it is still a good idea to take a shot with a finger totally blocking the sun. Lens flare is sometimes hard to see on the the camera screen when you are out shooting in the field. This is why it is always good to be 100% sure you have eliminated the lens flare. All it takes is painstakingly editing out one lens flare in order for you to appreciate the worthwhile effort of eliminating it on site.