When at an appointment with one of our photographers, you may here them reference the term HDR.

This post will help you understand what HDR actually is, and how/why we use it to create the most powerful images of your properties.

HDR or High Dynamic Range, refers to a technique that utilizes multiple exposures/photos to help bring out the details in the bright/dark areas of a particular scene.  Unlike the human eye, current camera technology is unable to process the wide ranges of light in a given frame, resulting in either blown out sections like windows.

Below are 3 different images, the first, which is exposed to bright to capture details in the darker areas of the room.  The second, which is exposed correctly for the interior of the room, and third which is exposed too dark in order the capture the detail in the windows.

Using in camera software, we combine these images to produce an HDR image that brings out the best details from all three photos into one image.  Below is the HDR shot that was created from these 3 exposures.

Using these HDR images combined with flash images, we are able to bring out the most detail in a scene, helping us tell the most powerful story of the space you are trying to portray.