In this post we’ll be taking a look at the benefits of using Boston Virtual Imaging’s interactive floor plans.

Floor plans are becoming essential marketing tools for real estate listings and interactive floor plans are a great way to elevate your listing and help market to people who aren’t able to visit for a tour in person.

When photographing a home we will often want to show off important features like garages, laundry rooms, and storage spaces. But these types of rooms don’t look that great as photos, even if they are clean and organized. The best way to illustrate these spaces are with floor plans. Seeing a storage room on a floor plan gives you a lot more useful information than just seeing a picture of a bunch of boxes stacked up in a dimly lit room. On the floor plan you’d be able to see the dimensions of the room and also you’d be able to see what rooms are adjacent and get a feel of the flow of the house.¬†As you can see below a storage room looks a lot more marketable on a floor plan.

Floor plans are a much better marketing tool as opposed to seeing a photo of a cluttered storage room, like this photo taken from a blog on hilariously bad real estate photos.

Our interactive floor plans at Boston Virtual Imaging offer two interactive features that help buyers visualize the property. The interactive floor plans have the photos attached to them so that way you can see exactly where in the house the photo was taken. This is very helpful to visualize how each room relates to each other as opposed to just seeing a series of photos without the context of a floor plan.

The other feature Boston Virtual Imaging’s interactive floor plans offers is the ability to place furniture. This a very useful for planning out how you would furnish the property. Buyers love this tool because it helps them picture themselves moving in and making the house into their home.

These interactive features are very useful for people who are not able to come and visit a property in person. Seeing room dimensions is useful but numbers aren’t enough to picture how you would decorate a room. With an interactive floor plan from BVI, buyers will be able to visualize the property so much better than with a standard PDF floor plan.