In this photo tour we’ll be going inside a stunning Cape Cod home.

This exterior was captured using a remote controlled helicopter. This shot wouldn’t have been possible otherwise and is a big improvement from other exterior shots taken from ground level.

We flew the helicopter farther away to get a nice aerial shot to show the secluded spot and waterfront proximity.

Now lets take a look inside. Japanese architecture has heavily influenced the interior design of his home. The white walls and wood are reminiscent of Shōji, the paper room dividers used in traditionally japanese homes. The relatively low sofas are another sign of the designer’s inspiration. There is even a book of Japanese Stone Gardens on the coffee table.

I’d like to think that if I had a kitchen this nice I would always keep it this clean. The textured wood cabinets and small pendant fixtures complete this fantastic kitchen and dining area.

More modern versions of Japanese design can be seen in railings and hanging fixtures on the way to the master suite. Take a moment to appreciate the openness of the house as you can look down the hall and see the floor to ceiling windows at the other end of the building.

Mahogany ceilings and oak flooring are found in this truly masterful suite. Plenty of storage and natural light will be found in this bedroom.

I’m surprised to find a western tub instead of a japanese soaking tub in this spacious master bath. If this tub isn’t big enough for you lets quickly move onto the next and arguable most remarkable room in the house.

Massive sliding glass doors practically brings nature inside and offers this beautiful view out towards the shore of the Vineyard Sound.

Thank you for reading my photo guide and I hope you have found this home as inspiring as I have.