In this photo tour we’ll be visiting a very cute house in Jamaica Plain.

I just love the front facade of this home. The dark accent details on the bay window and front steps are so eye catching. We often avoid shots that have a lot of driveway in the foreground but in this case the benefits outweighed the negative. From this angle we are able to see the deck and second bay window on this side of the house. We are also able to look into the back yard because the gate was intentionally left open to add interest. The shadows cast on the driveway are perfect as well. Driveways are especially distracting when they are one large patch of a single color. With the light coming through the trees the driveway becomes less of an eyesore and more visually appealing.

You don’t even need to go into this home to fall in love with it. The light falling across this deck is fantastic. The shadows running along the wall and the bench cast by the pergola¬†are so dramatic and gives the photo an artistic flare. You can see from this photo why we recommend using live flowers when staging homes.

Open-concept floor plans are sometimes very difficult to photography because they end up looking too busy. But with this layout you can still see enough space between each area.

This angle is interesting to compare to the previous photo because it makes the room look so much bigger. Although showing an open-concept plan with multiple areas in one shot is great, it is valuable to still show a few of the areas by themselves. Seeing this room by itself highlights the piano and staircase and is really quite elegant.

This kitchen is an example of great design. The color of the countertop matches so well with the light colored cabinets and dark outline of the framed panels. The matching stainless still appliances tie together with the patterned metal ceiling. I’m sure this was troublesome for our photographer because they had to deal with reflections from flashes on the ceiling but the effort was well worth the result.

This master bedroom has an interesting configuration. We often have a problem photographing smaller bedrooms with large beds because the bed will take up too much of the frame and make the room look small by comparison. With the bed angled into the corner the bed is foreshortened and we can still see plenty of floor space.

This is a very classy bathroom. Completely decluttered space and private views out the windows are a big plus for bathrooms. Our photographers will sometimes position the camera to strategically avoid showing a close neighbors house out of a window. Often tall flowers obscure a view but in this case they work to our benefit. There is no need to see down the hallway through that mirror so those flowers help by covering that up.

I hope you found this tour appealing and can take the design as inspiration when staging your own homes for real estate marketing.