This post will bring you through one of our photo shoots at a very photogenic and large home in Newton, MA.

We had a lot of fun at this appointment and were really pleased with the results.

The symmetry of this house really lent itself to an exterior that is almost straight on. Usually we like an angled exterior to show the depth and size of a house. Since this house has such an impressive front facade we don’t need to worry about highlighting the size. Taking an exterior from this angle also helps to draw the eye to the walkway and leads the viewer into the house.

This is a very photogenic kitchen. We usually like to only show two walls in a space but with a kitchen it is useful to show all of the appliances. Thats why the area on right with the range and ovens are included. Our photographers will sometimes crop a refrigerator out of a photo if it is distracting but in this kitchen the refrigerator blends right into the cabinets. Working as a real estate photographer will really get you to appreciate under cabinet lighting. A nice decluttered and bright countertop really improves a photo. The other nice touches are the fresh flowers and fruit. The flowers aren’t too tall that they distract or block anything, but they add a needed pop of color to the space.

It is tough to show a dining room of this size without the photo being dominated by just a table. That’s why a straight on shot as opposed to an angled one suits this room. We sometimes remove a couple chairs from a table if they are blocking the view but in this photo all we moved was the chair at the head of the table. It’s not good to just see the back of a chair and pulling that chair out lets us see more of the table and welcomes us into the space.

This is another gorgeous room from the Newton home. Notice the color of the light wood matches with the coffee table and complements the bright red of the rug. Malawi . The two-tone pillows look like they were custom made for this room because they match both the red and the light wood color! A careful placement of a small plant and a couple magazines really helps to breakup empty surfaces and prevents the room from looking too sterile.

The tall ceiling in the foyer is best shown off with a vertical orientation. Usually foyers don’t have great layouts for photos but this one has a lot going for it, just enough stairs being shown and plenty of windows. The grandness of the foyer matches up with the impressive exterior photo.

What I love about this photo is how we can see just enough of the exposed beams on the ceiling to know they are there. Our photographers try to do the same with skylights to show them off. Some people like the look of a filled bookcase but I think the modest amount of books seen on these shelves provides a benefit for this shot.

The beauty of threes! We often find that an empty surface looks better with a nice arrangement of three matching objects. In this photo that jumped out at me immediately, three plants, three picture frames, three hand towels. In the real estate marketing business we don’t like showing toilets, we’d rather just show the sink and the shower or tub when photographing a bathroom. Being able to show the toilet subtly is a great compromise and the layout of this bathroom allowed our photographer to achieve that balance.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photo tour of this Newton home as much as we did photographing it.