At Boston Virtual Imaging we appreciate the collaboration between the photographer and the agent.

Our photographers have compiled a list of things all agents should consider while on a photoshoot. It is helpful to start considering these things before the appointment while you are deciding which rooms to photograph and how to stage a room.


1. Vertical Orientation-
Most real estate photography is landscape or horizontal orientation, but a vertical photo can sometimes be the best choice. With high ceilings with interesting details a vertical photo can help highlight those positive features. The problems with vertical photos comes when you upload them to sites or put them in printed brochures. Some websites are designed for horizontal photos so vertical photos appear smaller and with black bars on either side. When planning to make a brochure it helps to have the layout in your mind as you are choosing which pictures to take and which orientation to use. Below is an example of a perfect use of a vertical orientation.
There are other instances where a room with a high ceiling still looks best as a horizontal photo. I’ve included an example of this below. The horizontal version is better because you can still see the full height of the window but now you can see more of the living room. In the vertical version all we get is more blank wall instead of any interesting ceiling details like in the previous example.


2.  Groups of Threes-
If you’ve ever flipped through an interior design magazine you might have noticed a pattern in table and counter decorations. There is a rule of threes with things like vases, jars, and candle sticks. There is something aesthetically appealing about groups of three objects on an otherwise empty surfaces. It fills the surface but doesn’t make it cluttered. You can see examples of this in the photos below.


3. Consider multiple angles-
One angle of a room is usually enough to show the best features of a room without repeating them in another photo unnecessarily. When you have a lot of features to show then multiple angles in one room can be the best option for marketing a property. We often decide on multiple angles with open concept floor plans to show the flow from one room into the other. The selling points in the room below called for two angles to show them off. In the first photo we get to see the wall of windows and the fireplace.
In the second photo we still see the wall of windows to give us context to the previous angle, but now we can see the flow from the living room into the kitchen. This open concept floor plan is a great selling point for familys that enjoy cooking and entertaining.


4. Consider Foyers and Staircases-
Foyers are sometimes surprisingly photogenic and a little preparation before an appointment can really help a photoshoot go smoothly. This attached photo below of a foyer is a perfect example. Often a foyer will just be primarily blank walls and doors. But this foyer shows openings to other rooms and even a window at the top of the stairs. When you start to see these possibilities before a photoshoot then the agent can suggest the homeowners prep the foyer to be photographed along with the other rooms.
Hopefully these tips will help you next time you are preparing to list a property. It certains helps our photographers to have an engaged clients, it always produces the best results and helps sell listings in less time and higher above the listing price.