Today’s photography tip is a quick one but can really add some interest in shots.

Often when we are photographing a home we decide on an angle that shows the flow from one room into another. Usually in this scenario we will have the doors between the rooms all the way open. But when there are doors with glass panels that changes the situation. These glass doors could be a positive feature to the room and should be shown off, if possible.

That why I like to keep the glass doors not all the way open but angled slightly. This way we can still see into the next room but we also get to see the glass doors. Depending on your camera angle you’ll have to reposition the doors in order to get the perfect amount in the shot.

Here are some examples of shots that feature doors strategically placed.

Good pocket doors can also be a feature that agents will want to highlight. Leaving them half closed lets you see into the room enough to know that it is a dining room while also showing off the glass panels on the two doors.

Sometimes leaving exterior doors open adds to the emotion of the photo. It can help make the room seem more inviting and helps connect a cozy interior to beautiful landscaping.