Professional photography is essential for showing the value of a home.

It is surprising how many people just take quick photos on their phones and don’t give a second thought to it. Here are some of the worst photo out there. They might not be good for selling a property, but they are certainly good for a laugh.

I thought using an iphone was lazy, but this takes it to another level. Whoever took this photo could have at least reached out the window so we wouldn’t be able to see the side mirror.

This photo is just a mystery to me. I can’t imagine what was going through that person’s head as they brought a patio umbrella into a kitchen and proceeded to open it.

This perspective is preferred if you are trying to market your home to gnomes, but most human buyers expect you to pick your camera up off the floor before you take a photo.

“Oh honey look, you’ve always wanted to live underneath a flightpath.”

A suit gives you a real sharp, professional appearance, but theres no need to show it off in a photo of the bathroom.

At this rate every photo on the internet is going to be a selfie.

There are a lot of bad real estate photos with people in the shots, but this is the first one I’ve seen where the person is wearing clothing designed to be eyecatching.

You know, I’ve been very negative about all these photos, maybe the photographer strategically lined up their cat’s tail to cover up the AC in the window.

The lonely toilet gazes out window, unsure of its future, will he ever see his friend sink or shower again?