After 2 months of heavy snow, Boston has officially broken the mark for the snowiest winter in the city’s history.

Throughout the winter, conversations among professionals in the real estate industry have been focused on that snow, and how it is affecting the market.

We decided to go out and to try to find that answer, and utilized the knowledge and experience of 7 real estate professionals from 6 different offices in and around Boston.

Here is what those professionals had to say about the market.

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We’d also like to thank the real estate professionals who were interviewed for the video. They are listed below in the order of appearance:

Chobee Hoy:

Anthony Lamacchia:
Also see Anthony’s thoughts on the weather and the market in his blog post on his own site:

David McCarthy:

Chelsea Robinson:

John Ranco:

Lara O’Rourke:

Lara Gordon: