Nothing showcases a sprawling property like aerial photography and video.

The video above shows how a well planned, and well executed aerial video can tell a story about a property that simply can’t be told from the surface. We captured this video from one of our remote controlled aircraft (AKA “drone”) equipped with state of the art cameras capable of capturing breathtaking photography and video. One of the benefits of recording photography and video from drones is that the process allows us to fully collaborate with our clients in a way similar to how we would collaborate when creating photography for video on the ground.

Traditionally, the process of creating aerial media involves full size helicopters. These helicopters often have two seats – one for the pilot and one for the photographer or videographer. Since the client can’t physically fit in these small helicopters with us, the photographer or videographer makes all their own shot decisions without being able to communicate directly with the client during the shoot. We’ve always valued the collaboration that takes place between our client and our team during a shoot on the ground or inside a property. By transitioning our aerial media capture process to drones, we can continue to embrace the collaboration which leads to successful outcomes.

We use a customized drone built by our president and founder, Matt Murphy, that allows our clients to view the aerial media we are creating in real time. During this process, our clients hold a small, wireless video screen which allows them to see exactly what our aerial cameras see. The photographer and the client can stand next to each other and have a meaningful conversation about what is being shot. We’ve found that this leads to fewer surprises and ensures that we capture everything we’ll need for the editing process.

If you are interested in learning more about how aerial drones can capture beautiful photography and video, Matt will be speaking about using drones at this years Inman Real Estate Connect in San Francisco.